737 Flight Simulator

Par Avion Flying Training have opened a high-fidelity, full-size simulator of the Boeing 737-800. The simulator can be used for familiarisation in advanced avionics, systems and crew procedures.
The 737 simulator is equipped with a 5 projector, wrap around display, dual functioning controls, and several other features including:

  • Captain and First Officer independent CDU (FMC’s)
  • Autothrottles
  • Trim wheels
  • Rudder pedals
  • 90% modelled overhead panel
  • 95% modelled centre console
  • ACARS printer and ACARS system
  • Electronic Flight Bags
  • Dynamic Weather and Traffic Generation (GPWS, TCAS and WX Radar)

The 737 simulator is located at Par Avion, at Cambridge Airport. We offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions ranging from $145 to $325. To make a booking or find out more about Par Avion’s 737 Simulator, please visit www.simsation.com.au

Looking for the ultimate gift for Fathers Day?

Treat your dad to an experience like no other with an hour in our 737 Simulator for the special price of just $199.


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